- Classical Lyceum

- IED European Institute of Design - Diploma in Visual Communication (1978)

- KLC Garden Design - Diploma, Honours

- KLC  Designing with Plants - Certificate, Honours (2015)

- University of Hertfordshire, UK - Master Degree/Laurea Magistrale in Creative Arts/Illustration (2019)

Featured in international magazines:  Russia Today (illustrations for literature)- Petite Hound Press (art)  - Helen a Literary Magazine  (art) - Poetry WTF?!  (poetry/art)- Art United  (art)-  Women who draw (art) - Fiftiness (poetry/art) -  Her Heart Poetry( poetry/art) - Adanna Literary Journal (cover art) - A5 magazine (art) - Flare Review (art) -  Fiction International (cover art)- Michigan University Coloring Book (illustrations) -  Juxtaprose literary magazine (illustrations) - the Poetry Kit Anthology'Poetry in the Plague Year' 2020( poetry) - Beyond Words (art)

Not only Art:

- American Council on Exercise - 3 Certifications: Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant

- 2 books published: 'Sarà ancora mattino' (Robin Edizioni) and 'Luna vuole la luna' (Arion Edizioni)

- 1 four-thousand meter mountain climbed: the Matterhorn

Work:  in the Art/Advertising/Publishing field and in the Fitness field

Artist’s Statement
Art is my connection to the world.

Some of my images and writings address loneliness and the thunderstorms of life. 
To me, it is through destruction and sorrow that a new light can be seen, somewhere beyond the wall. Sometimes these bridges to new horizons are hard to build and our days project long, dark shadows. 
To come to terms with the fractures inside ourselves, and to collect and examine all the signs that life has carved into our bodies, minds and souls, is a challenging journey. 
To me, the life we have lived is the subject matter. It can not be disregarded.
As an artist, I use this matter as the paste of my paintings and writings, to give life to my images and to my stories.
Paola Tavoletti


Modern Times


Beyond Words -  Literary magazine  - 2020



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What are we made of?
Walking Man



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